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2020 vision....July

           ‘We’re all going on a summer holiday....’
There has been enough said about Covid 19 in my opinion so this is where the discussion stops for me!
     July, at the time of writing, could be the month where we are finally permitted to dust off the suitcases & prepare our best holiday gear for a trip to our favourite holiday spots!
It brings back memories when our children were young of top box arguments & frustrations that came with transporting 7 people (5 of them littlies); 5 bikes & associated paraphernalia on any road heading South West at least 3 times a year! Weren’t we lucky! Possibly even taking it for granted!
We looked like refugees in a Ford Galaxy but my, what lovely memories of bike rides; ice-cream & paddling; sandy rounders & rainy walks along delicious coastline....blissful family time.


      To this day we have continued the tradition of heading South West as much as we can. Now of course there are a convoy of cars with grown up kids & partners careering down the M3/M4/M5 or A303 depending on general travelling consensus! We are desperate to get there this year & are waiting on tenterhooks for the go ahead!

 This is our story but what about yours? Where do you like to go on holiday?
It got me thinking about the value of our great escapes & also if, forgive me, they add a tad too much stress in the preparation!
We all need something to look forward to don’t we? More so now than ever after such unprecedented times. The excitement of booking a holiday puts a smile on most people’s faces, even announcing our plans to others can cause enthusiastic conversation! Preparing for it & acknowledging the reward for all our hard work can be one of the reasons we go to work to earn a living in the first place!
Expectations run high: ‘it will be great not to have to rush’ ‘how cosy to spend quality time with friends & family, we can explore together’. What a great way, as temporary as it is, to step out of the rat race... just for a while...
         Even those that are retired can still have the same ‘we deserve it’ attitude!

‘We are worth it’ she says with a flick of her L’Oreal hair! After all we worked hard to get to this point didn’t we?!
          There was a time in my youth when I was forging my way ahead along with my Husband & young children that I never felt I worked hard enough to deserve any treats, let alone a holiday. I now realise that voice belonged to a demon thrashing around in my head...negatively impacting on an already poor self esteem. I just didn’t think I deserved it, as sad as that is to me now.

           Today I would view the above scenario very differently. Despite my pessimistic youth I can now see that it gave me the drive to achieve more; to set myself goals & congratulate myself on any achievements. In my experience you do this enough times & it starts to affect your thinking...eventually....there is no piece of string! Lets call it positivity in training! In my opinion it is possible to rewire a lifetime of thoughts, after all it is easy to brainwash a human so why should it be harder to instil some positive, more beneficial thoughts. The negative bias eventually will lose its ground allowing optimism to shine through.

Pat yourself on the back, tell that incredible face in the mirror that you are amazing, you are an achiever (worth a try, honestly!).
             These days I give myself little treats every day! Call me greedy ha ha! It might be a new magazine , a lipstick or a gorgeous new plant for the garden...a day trip to a countryside beauty spot or a simple coffee in a cafetière!!!! Do you know what? I don’t feel undeserved anymore! I feel like I am worthy of such pleasures, whether they be big or small.

            Holidays? I always said & still do; once the front door is shut & I am on my way then the stress can dissolve & I can enjoy a great time! I deserve it! Yes, yes, we know!!

It seems the right question to ask at this point...are holidays worth the hassle beforehand? Well the answer will be entirely personal & relative to you won’t it? Certainly as a family we experienced some minor frustrations just getting our brood off the drive; from nosebleeds before long haul flights; wing mirrors dangling off cars before 6 hr drives (don’t ask!!) to major wobbles like 15 hr delays home from Florida with 5 kids under 9yrs including 8mth old twins!! I look back & ask myself ‘how’ & ‘why’!!! It’s good to find humour in these hiccups & find some way to be philosophical! Great fun despite the work!!!! Or maybe my memory is selective now....!

        I try to keep my now optimistic eye on the prize....it’s getting easier with age I feel & a ‘never mind, these things happen’ attitude certainly helps in the face of some situations! I have definitely learnt that life is easier if you accept the things you can’t change & change the things you can (if you want or need to!) So....with a holiday my prize, in answer to the question ‘is the holiday hassle worth the stress’? Most definitely!!!!!

Have a wonderful holiday if you have one planned, even if it is a little different this year for us all & lets make the most of precious family & friend time!

Your friend x

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