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2020 Vision.....November ...
                                          “It’s nearly the silly season”!!!!

When I made a-very-rough-plan for the 2020 vision monthly blog, we were nowhere near a lockdown or changes to life that have been hard to comprehend at times! Consequently I have had some deviations from the topics I picked to allow for some absorbing of the enormity of the impact of COVID19 on every aspect of our lives. Once again I sincerely hope you & yours are well & have made the most of life as we currently know it as we head towards the end of 2020. My goodness this eventful year has flown & look how we adapt!!!

      November’s blog had planned a short discussion on preparing for the silly season as we head towards Christmas! Well, lets go!!
                   A usual November for me starts with much planning of get togethers, early present buying with hopefully inventive wrapping before the beginning of December! Mad??!! Quite possibly! But for me it means I can drink in the spirit of the upcoming festivities all through December! Smug??!!! Well I hate to admit it but I guess so, just a teeny bit!!!

Having a large family has always meant that if I didn’t plan & prepare life felt like it was caving in on me! I may have mentioned that before so apologies!!! I may look chaotic & scatty at times but really I am a well-oiled machine (cough cough!) trying to achieve perfection!! Emphasis on the TRYING here!! Joking aside I do love the feeling of having it all done early, it means I can allow time to buy the inevitable bits I forget; the last minute emergency visit to help kids or parents & all the make/do/feel/must see anything remotely Christmassy!!

I feel that this year my efforts to soak up all aspects of Christmas may be somewhat limited-certainly outside the Grotto level feel of my home!!
         So... my party lifestyle may have been put on hold but in the spirit of positivity I consider this a chance to recharge my batteries ready to catch up when I can! Eat well, keep popping vitamin C/D & get lots of fresh air & exercise! Well that’s the plan!!
To be honest though that trip to a crowded wine bar desperately trying to freestyle rather than pole jump for space on the dance floor has lost its appeal somewhat of late but my love of dance is as strong as ever...so I will just have to dance around my kitchen island & hope the neighbours don’t get too freaked out by my mambo’s & susie-sues!!!

        As we are all at various levels of opinion when it comes to how much outside World we are prepared to allow..or are allowed (!) there appears to be an understanding that getting together with friends is more trouble than its worth at the moment & time is better spent with family! I always feel enormous self inflicted pressure to see friends before Christmas in a kind of ‘I might never see them again’ mindset or that I am a lousy friend for not making the effort to get to see them at this important time of year; to give them a gift & extol Christmas cheer! This year we all agree it is more important to receive a thoughtful card in the post & hallelujah...pressure to travel across the Essex countryside, as beautiful as it is, like a crazed idiot to deliver is over!!! What’s wrong with catching up with them when we hit the sometimes gloomy months after Christmas??!! Don’t we need the lift of our dear friends then when we have over indulged in the food/drink/bank account departments???!!!

Well I am happy to report that 70% of the Christmas shopping is done; there are cake pops & chocolate shapes in the freezer (they wont last till then lol!) & a few new baubles have been purchased!!! Feeling smug am I ??? Only in the teeniest, most modest way ...cough cough!!

I wish you a happy, smiling & healthy month & lots of opportunities to look after you..

Your friend x


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