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2020 vision...September...

“Beauty in Nature”

    Have you noticed how clear the sky has been of late? The sunsets have been spectacular too...I hope you have witnessed the clarity of not-so-polluted skies, and taken in the beauty of it all.


     For me, walks along the river near my home, and views from my first floor lounge have been breathtaking and worthy of appreciation. Almost drinking it in, filling my lungs with deep breathes of wonder, I have on occasions attempted to capture the moment on my phone. I kid myself that I could be quite good with a bit of technical knowledge, but really the camera on my phone does the hard work! Aren’t they amazing these days (jee I sound old!) but I think technology has moved fast enough for even the young to be in awe at times! I might has a bit of a creative eye but the way the photo turns out is largely to do with the auto setting I rely on!!!

        Aside from this though...how precious is taking a few moments out of your day to take joy in nature? We always say we don’t have time but even in an office setting a few seconds daydreaming & stepping out of the complexities of the rat race to appreciate that ‘pigeon silhouetted by the sun against the sharp lines of that tree next to that contemporary office building which is reflecting fluffy white clouds’ can be quite relaxing! You get the idea I’m sure!!! It does give a few minutes respite doesn’t it??!!


        I think many of us have a new appreciation of the juxtapositions between the simplicity & complexity of our natural World as a result of maybe more time; maybe taking stock of less pollution; maybe the realisation of how small we are in comparison of the great outdoors...
I know I look with fresh eyes at insects; the beauty in flower formation; the strength of a roses perfume; the endless palette of green...the whole eco system around me. It lifts my heart to see the growth in my garden plants & the wonder of growing food for myself! A proper “Percy Thrower” in the making! Again I feel ancient quoting this famous & much respected gardener from way back. Even more so as my 30 something children do not know who I am talking about!!! Maybe ‘Monty Don’ might be a more recent comparison ...except that there is NO comparison!! Have you seen his allotment?!! It’s amazing!!!


         Pondering on the whole natural cycle in my garden ‘egg’ chair has certainly got me setting goals & completing projects, much to the dismay of family members who are asked to help me!! I certainly have vision even if the execution is a mere version of it!
          The joy I get from my garden far out ways the throbbing of a sore knee/back/head.. you name it...that result as a consequence of ambition far beyond my novice skills! How satisfying is it though to sow seeds & get carrots 3 months later (ok the bed is shallow so the carrots tend to be ‘L’ shaped!).


I am a proud allotment novice & there is much parading of my produce! ‘Misshapes’ is a word that springs to mind but I love them all the same!
It really lifts me....& any success spurs me on to keep going & do more! Even failure (I sowed many more than I reaped!!) means I can educate myself to achieve greater success... its a challenge & really fun to experiment!!!


          Nerd alert....I joined a facebook gardening group & I am staggered by the achievements of others in their gardening efforts. I have joined a community full of ideas & tips. I really learn from them & have acted where appropriate! I love the passion the members express & how we all agree that the beauty of gardening is therapy indeed & can give respite from the complexities of everyday life....well worth being a part of...plus I now own a solar powered fountain; a sweet pea wigwam & a smart up-cycled deckchair I know what to do with!!!

I hope this short piece has inspired you like nature has me & that giving it a go will bring peace & joy to your day!

Your friend x

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